Experts urge fighting sea piracy [Archives:2005/834/Business & Economy]

April 18 2005

Experts from eleven countries, including Yemen, called on the region's countries for complete cooperation among themselves I order to enhance security and stability in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea. This is to include repellence of acts of sea piracy and armed robbery of ships.

They have confirmed that the Yemen republic feels a historical responsibility towards security in the Red and Arabian Seas and the Gulf of Aden for its direct effect on interests of the region's and the world's interests.

The experts also recommended, at a regional workshop organized by the international marine organisation in cooperation with the State Authority for Marine Affairs, that the necessity of protecting navigation security in this region means otherwise impingement on entire world interests, not only causing damage to national economies of the region's countries.

The experts pointed out the close relationship between activities of piracy gangs committing robbery and smuggling of humans and weapons and drugs and the phenomenon of terror. In addition to Yemen, the countries of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Sudan, Oman, Djibouti, Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea were taking part in the workshop.

The workshop has clarified the high cost the countries are sustaining as a result of facing those two phenomena with their human, social, security and economic dimensions.

Prime Minister Abdulqader Bajammal had addressed the workshop and pointed to the security of the Red Sea and what that required of continuous integration and cooperation among various countries, stressing the need for adoption of an integrated strategy by those countries to enhance security y and stability in the Red Sea and its protection against illegitimate greed that were beginning to be seen in the horizon.

On his part Mr. Omar Muhsin al-Amoudi, the minister of transport had indicated that the big participation to discuss ways of preventing and fighting piracy and robbery would contribute to a great extent to curb the phenomenon.

He emphasized the necessity of offering support to Somalia for the establishment of security in it because that greatly contributes to curbing the phenomenon that has affected the movement of maritime and movement of international trade in general.

On the other hand, the minister of interior Dr Rashad al-Alimi has made it clear that sea piracy is directly connected to operations of smuggling prohibited things, weapons and humans, pointing to the security apparatuses sending of number of those cases to justice where many of those elements are now standing trial.

The stressed the necessity of the existence of regional and international cooperation and coordination among states to encounter the phenomenon of piracy.