Exploded rocket in Saudi [Archives:2005/889/Local News]

October 27 2005

Sanaa'a 26 oct – An exploded rocket was found in the border province of Najran on Friday . Local Saudi resources said that the rocket that had been fired from the Saudi region “Yam” . Whereas Daily al-Watan quoted a security source as saying an explosion, which occurred in the border province of Najran, was caused by a rocket fired from a distance of 25 kilometers (15 miles) inside Yemeni territory. There are conflicting news about the target of the rocket. Some sources said that the rocket aimed security region, whereas other sources said that the rocket targeted arable land called Hriz in Rjla area in Najran

An investigation was being undertaken by the Saudi and Yemeni authorities to identify the sources of the rocket.

Unmilitary resources exposed to Yemen News website that the military intelligence has found rest of rocket whose features are similar to that rocket had been found in Saudi regions and the investigation is continues to find out the sources of both.

on the other hand, Three Yemenis were killed in an attack launched by a Saudi war plane Tuesday in Midi, Harad district. Press sources affirmed three Yemenis were killed as they were crossing the borders to the Saudi lands. But the Commander of Yemeni Border Guards in Harad denied the veracity of this news. “The situation is quiet on the Yemeni-Saudi borders. No killings and no clashes. Press sources should be accurate when reporting news