Exploiting silence of concerned authoritiesGangs destruct ancient Marib building [Archives:2005/856/Local News]

July 4 2005

MARIB- An official source at Marib Antiquities Authority revealed that organized gangs keep on demolishing ancient sights in an old Marib village.

Director General of Marib Antiquities Authority Sadiq al-Silwi told 22May weekly last Thursday that the gangs destructed al-Nasria ancient building located near Slaiman Temple in old Maribm, in addition to looting its gates and decorated stones.

The gang started to demolish the ancient sights a few days ago and is still doing so without an intervention of any of Marib officials.

The same source signaled out these elements use tractors to demolish the ancient buildings that show pride and glory of Yemen's history as they date back to times of Sheba kingdoms, which ruled Yemen in the 7th century B.C.

The source requested the parties concerned to protect such ancient sights from enemies of Yemen's history, and that he has the names of people involved in destructing the ancient sights in Marib.