Explosives entering Yemen [Archives:2006/998/Local News]

November 13 2006

SANA'A, Nov. 12 ) A source at the Foreign Ministry said a shipment of explosives seized by the Indonesian authorities last week was an authorized shipment and it was legally imported by a Chinese company that exploring for oil in Yemen.

The same source said the shipment consists of detonators and tons of explosive powder used for drilling purposes by the China's Z.B.I.B. Company in its bloc in Hadramout.

Last week, Saudi Arabia's Al-Waten Newspaper reported that Indonesian forces seized a Chinese ship carrying 63 tons of explosive together with detonators and the ship was heading to Yemen.

Reacting to such news, the Foreign Ministry source went on to say all explosives imported for this purpose are supervised and controlled by the security apparatuses, right from the time of arrival until they are used for the specific purposes.