Extra appropriation sought [Archives:2003/675/Local News]

October 9 2003

Sana'a, Oct. 6_ A memorandum of the draft law concerning the adoption of an extra appropriation was considered by the parliament in its session held on Oct. 5.
The extra appropriation draft law for the general state budget for the fiscal year 2003 was ratified by the cabinet last month, and that amounted to YR. 108.845.952.000.
The extra appropriation has been ratified for the benefit of social and economic development and the institutional state structure.
The official media said that that appropriation was to be financed from real and not uninflational resources as a result of an improvement at the economical process.
Political observers said that the government had earlier used to prepare the state's general budget during the last years according to accurate and comprehensive accounts which had resulted in additional appropriation.
This repeated failure can be attributed to financial corruption for the public property.