Extrajudicial Appointment of COCA Director in Jawf [Archives:2001/49/Local News]

December 3 2001

In a surprising and extrajudicial move, the Jawf Governor appointed Naji Hadi a-Ghanimi as director of the Central Organization for Auditing and Control (COCA) branch in Jawf. Interestingly, neither the COCA administration nor the Presidency has any knowledge of this appointment.
The Governor informed the COCA’s chairman, Dr. Abdullah Farwan, about that appointment only last week, as he sent him the appointment directive and requested his approval. The COCA administration expressed its surprise by the illegal step taken by the Governor, which is an overt interference in the affairs of a supreme monetary body. The Yemen Times has obtained a copy of the appointment directive No. 221, which is undersigned by the Governor of the Jawf governorate, Colonel Abdulsalm al-Dhala’y. The directive stipulates the appointment of Naji Hadi al-Ghanimi as Director-General for the COCA branch in Jawf, and that it should be effective from the date of its issuance.
A legal source told the Yemen Times that the move taken by the Governor is a serious breach of the authority of the COCA, which is an independent supreme body.