Extraordinary Success of the STC Festival Results in a Week’s Extension [Archives:2000/31/Front Page]

July 31 2000

The tremendous success of the Sana’a Trade Center’s 2nd Shopping Festival resulted in a decision made by the administration to extend the period of the festival one more week. Hence, the last day of the festival will be August the 14th, on which the final draw for the first prize (an automobile) will be held.
The great number of participants in Yemen Times Competition also led to the newspaper’s decision to extend the competition for an extra week in order to enable all the readers to try their luck in winning the prestigious awards of the competition.
Activities of the STC Second Shopping Festival have been a great success so far. Many participants have been sending their answers to take part in draws on different lucrative prizes. So far, three draws on prizes estimated at YRs 200000 have taken place. These were held on last Monday, Thursday and Friday.
On the other hand, the center administration announced that the draw on the first prize, 2000 Hyundai Automobile would take place on Monday, August 14. Or Participants or their representative must attend the event. Unless the winner is available, his coupon will be canceled. As far as the Yemen Times competition is concerned, participants are not requested to attend because they come from different governorates.