Extreme Punishment of Al-Shumou Newspaper [Archives:2000/32/Front Page]

August 7 2000

The South West Court of Sanaa, headed by Judge Ali Al-Marfad issued its verdict against Al-Shumou newspaper yesterday. The verdict stated that the chief editor of the newspaper, Mr. Saif Al-Haderi will be suspended from his work for ten months. He is also to pay YR 2,000,000 as a damage composition for the Minister and Vice Minister of Education.
The newspaper will also pay YR 100,000, and he personally will pay YR 70,000 for branding the minister in his newspaper with financial corruption.
The verdict is considered to be the first of its kind in Yemen. Mr. Al-Haderi told Yemen Times that he was very surprised that four sentences were issued simultaneously against him and his newspaper.
Al-Haderi added that he would definitely appeal the verdict, which he sees as a clear violation of press freedom in Yemen.
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