Extremist Group Attacks Mikhlafi [Archives:2000/29/Local News]

July 17 2000

An Islamic extremist group yesterday attacked attorney Mohammed Al-Mikhlafi, one of the lawyers defending journalist, Sameer Al-Yusofi at the time he was leaving the court. Mr. Al-Mikhlafi told the Yemen times that the incident was a proof of legalizing the killing of lawyers and journalists, adding that those who tried to kill him confirmed that killing an infidel was a duty. Mr. Mikhlafy expected that a murder might be committed against him or anyone else. In addition, he held many sides responsible for the attack, among which are the Islah party, Endowment Ministry, Al-Iyman University and the interior Ministry. He added that some policemen were present at the gate of the court but, as he claimed, did not try to intervene.
The yard of the court was crowded with thousands of extremist elements trying to enter the courtroom by force while it was in session.