Extremists threaten journalists with murder [Archives:2004/761/Front Page]

August 5 2004

A Yemeni journalist was reported to have received death threats from a terrorist suspect. In a message dated August 3rd, Naif Hasan informed the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS) that, through some friends, he received death threats because of his writings against Osama Bin Laden and the Islamic religion. “I was informed by some friends including Mohammed Hasan Sha'ab that somebody called Mareb al-Amir, one of the terrorist suspects who was released after dialogue with the clerics committee, pledged to kill me because of an alleged attack on Bin Laden and the Islamic religion.”
He added that according to reliable sources, suspected terrorists in the intelligence prison have pledged to the security investigators as well as the clerics committee for dialogue with them, to kill a number of politicians and journalists including himself. “That I inform you of such threats, I hold the security apparatuses accountable should anything bad happen to me or any journalists,” he said. He also said that the YJS is responsible for conveying the message to the General Prosecutor as well as the Minister of Interior.
Another journalist Arafat Mudabesh received similar death threats from associates of al-Hawthi. The threat letter that was sent to Mudabish, a reporter of Sawa Radio, via email, said if he does not stop reporting the fights of Sa'ada between Hussein al-Hawthi's supporters and government troops, he would be killed. Mudabish informed the YJS and interior ministry of the threats.