Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair [Archives:2001/44/Focus]

October 22 2001

Sami Saeed
Besides the amazing technology revolution, the third millennium has brought us the most civilized lessons and new discoveries conducted by the Israeli-American superpower.
The American economic and military strength united with the Jews cunning, try not only to violate human rights all over the world in order to secure their own materialistic interests, but also try to turn facts into falsehoods.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union which marked the end of the Cold War, the USA was astonished to be the sole power on the globe that possessed the right to impose the law of the jungle, which is claims to be the most civilized policies on Earth. During this time there is no power to question America, the king of the jungle.
When America says that attacking Nagazaki and Hiroshima with atomic bombs is an act not harmful to humanity, other animals on the small farm should nod their heads with ‘yes’ only.
Fighting the Muslims all over the world is a must, and all the friends of America should participate in the holy war.
Iraq occupied Kuwait and should be horrificly punished for doing so, while Israel is only restoring its rights buried on Palestine for so long.
America is not occupying the Gulf region to confiscate its oil; it is only protecting them from unknown enemies.
The daily slaughter of the Palestinian women and children, the destruction of their property and the damage to their cultivated lands are all good deeds, but throwing stones at Israeli tanks and armored vehicles are crimes against humanity.
Other nations are prohibited from possessing weapons of mass destruction and cross-continental missiles, for such properties should only be inherited by Americans and Jews.
America uses democracy to impose the acceptance of globalization on all inhabitants on Earth; the World Bank is no more than a friend. The helpless president of Palestine, Yasser Arafat, is a murderer, while Ariel Sharon a peaceful herald. The Israeli troops who carry machine guns in Palestine are victims; the Palestinian children who carry stones are wild cats.
This is the wisdom we have been taught by America. The good is bad and the bad is good; Israelis are right, Palestinians are wrong; America is a friend, Islam is an enemy; and fair is foul and foul is fair.