Faisal Alawi entertains children despite illness [Archives:2005/903/Culture]

December 15 2005

Popular Yemeni singer, Faisal Alawi, sang for children at a concert organized Wednesday, December 7, at the French Cultural Center (Henry De Monfried).

The concert was organized by the French Center, the Safe Childhood Center and Enfants du Monde, a non-governmental organization helping children. Alawi attended the concert, despite being ill.

The Director of the French Center and Mrs. Ghislaine Pauilhec, representative of Enfants du Monde, spoke before the concert. Both underscored the importance of taking care of children because they are the generation of the future.

“They are selling water, tissue paper and gum,” Pauilhec said in describing Yemeni children. “They are washing cars and sweeping grounds for the sake of some riyals. They need protection.”

A group of children from the Safe Childhood Center performed several anthems, which drew audience applause.

Alawi, a popular singer from Lahj province, traveled from Aden to Sana'a with his band to participate in the concert. Before singing, he noted, “The [large] volume of the audience who have rallied to support children's causes shows that Yemen is still in a good state. There are people who feel the suffering of children.”

He entertained attendees with a number of his famous songs such as, “Salaam minni alaykum, ya habayib,” and “Ya ward, ya kathi.”

Proceeds from the concert were designated for the Safe Childhood Center.