Family Health Project inaugurated [Archives:2003/664/Local News]

September 1 2003

Family Health Project held in Ibb governorate a 6-day workshop on Exchange of Experience and Monitoring and Evaluation, M&E, beginning on August 30.
The discusses topics on the presentation of objectives and content exchange of experiences, basic concepts and considerations, systematic approach to M&E; procedures and tools and how to conduct meetings.
The workshop also centers on the systematic approach and how to develop checking lists and forms, preparation for statistics training for TSTs and report writing.
During the concluding activities of the workshop, participants are to be fully informed on the general review and evaluation.
Mr. Saleh al-Badani, the Family Health Project Manager told the Yemen Times that around 28 trainees were taking part in the workshop. ''The workshop aims basically at exchanging experiences and making use of implementing activities, along with previous training course implemented during the previous two years,'' Mr. al-Badani said.