Family murdered by extremists [Archives:2003/695/Local News]

December 18 2003

Hassan Al-Zaidi
Reliable sources told Yemen Times on Thursday, 11 December, that a man, his son, and brother were shot dead in his home in Dhila' Hamdan region by a group of armed extremists.
Sources said that the terrorist group was composed of 12 individuals and motives behind the killing are still unknown. Investigations into the case have started.
The phenomenon of family disputes and sometimes murders has become more evident recently mainly due to increasing social problems resulting from financial burdens.
The factor of the wide spread of weapons also contributes to the problem. It is estimated that 50 million pieces of small arms and light weapons are in the hands of Yemeni citizens, making it quite easy to obtain a weapon and use it leading to high numbers of deaths and injuries throughout the country.