Farewell [Archives:2004/784/Education]

October 25 2004

Dr. M. Snehaprabha
Associate Professor in English,
Hadramout University

Farewell to thee, sylvan Pokkunnu
Though an early departure, unthought of.

With a heavy heart, rather tongue-tied
I have to leave this hillock numbed
Where I have spent long, long years
The best period of life in high spirits
All bright adolescent days in mirth
As well as the joyous youth of infinite worth
Adieu! My alma mater as well as my workplace
Numerous friends have I here of diverse streams
Teaching, Non-Teaching, Men and Women
We had together dramas, seminars
Festivals, Music, Art, Sculpture
And what not!
We had long hours of discussions
On literature, politics and everything on earth
A number of picnics had we gleefully
Time spent together jovially
Which sure, never will return.
I had inspiration for creativity
From this campus, no doubt in plenty.
Generations one after another
Were taught by me with ease
They occupy various positions
In and around Kerala and India's corners
Some of them even in alien lands
All assets of a teacher's profession

I thank thee, 2.G College
For all the blessings showered upon me
And all the honors and laurels
As well as affection and encouragement.
Happy, that I am not retiring
But on the look out for new pastures
Where I can render more service

One thing, I assure you
Wherever I go
I carry your memory
And I am proud of you.