Farewell bidding to former Health Minister [Archives:2003/638/Community]

June 2 2003

The Public Health and Population Ministry held an honoring ceremony to bid farewell to Dr. Abdulnasir al-Munibari, the Former Health minister in appreciation for his distinguished and pioneer role in improving and developing the health sector in Yemen during his leadership of the ministry as well as his participation in elevating health situations in various sectors by implementing the public health strategies and programs.
A number of ministers, including new Health Minister Dr. Yahya al-Na'mi, along with officials, diplomats and representatives of some international organizations in Yemen attended the ceremony.
On his part, Dr. Munibari expressed his gratitude for all those who attended the party, wishing the new Health Minister the best to achieve tangible development to enhance Yemen's health conditions. “Dr. al-Na'mi is a skilled doctor and a good administrator and I believe he will do well.” Dr. Al-Munibari said.