Farewell to Adrian Chadwick [Archives:2003/675/Community]

October 9 2003

Fahmia Al-Fotih
Sanaa, Oct 8 – Yemen is bidding farewell to Mr. Adrian Chadwick, the Director of the British Council Office in Yemen. In a reception held by the United Kingdom Ambassador to Yemen Mrs. Frances Guy in Sanaa on Saturday, Adrian was greeted goodbye by his friends, colleagues and UK embassy staffers in the country.
His next mission will be to direct the new British Council office in Baghdad in April 2004. During the reception, Mr. Adrian said, “I had wonderful memories to Yemen, and I will definitely be coming back, especially as I took a piece of Yemen with me”, referring to his Yemeni wife Warda whom he married in April 2002.
UK Ambassador Frances Guy gave a brief goodbye speech during the reception, reminding guests that he was the person who revived the council after threats of possible closure a few years ago. “Without the efforts of Adrian, the British Council may have had to close its doors. Thanks to him, the council, with little help from the foreign office, continued to operate in full capacity to promote Yemen-British relations.” Mrs. Guy said.
It is noteworthy that Mr. Adrian has achieved greatly in Yemen. During his term, the British Council's programs in the country varied and covered various fields in health, society, education, media, training, capacity building, economy, and in many other fields. Furthermore, the council provided scholarships and training programs to Yemenis in different specializations. “The British Council will still be open after I leave Yemen. However, the library of the council will not be open to the public for at least one year. There will be a director, who will be coming to Yemen often, but will be based in another country in the region” Mr. Adrian added.
As Yemen Times, we would like to wish Mr. Adrian the best of luck in his career and future mission, thanking him for his excellent work he has done for Yemen.