Faris Saqqaf, coordinator of INCYA [Archives:2000/31/Local News]

July 31 2000

Dr. Faris al-Saqqaf had been elected coordinator to the Islamic National Convention for the Yemeni Arena (INCYA) with Dr. Mohammed al-Maqaleh as his deputy. A statement issued by Future Studies Center (FSC) said that INCYA members held a meeting last Wednesday, discussing current developments in Yemen and approved a working program for the coming period. The meeting was attended by distinguished political figures: Abdulwahab al-Aansi, Mohammed Qahtan, Jar-ullah Omer, Abdulmalek al-Mikhlafi, Abdulqadoos al-Midhwahi, Abdulkareem al-Khaiwani, Yehya Mansoor abu-Asbu’ including al-Saqqaf and al-Maqaleh.
Islamic National Convention is headquartered in Beirut and groups Islamic dignitaries from various Arab countries.