Father and uncle allegedly murderedFamily appeals to authorities for rights [Archives:2004/800/Local News]

December 20 2004

The family of the two victims, Saleh Al-Jedri and his brother Naji Al-Jedri, have appealed to Ministers of Interior, Justice and Human Rights to immediately intervene in the murder case of their relatives.
They claimed that a group of people killed their father and fatally wounded their uncle and elder brother. Prior to this, the victims were allegedly subject to severe beating in their own land.
The family members claim they have legally inherited the piece of land from their mother and that the perpetrators, distance relatives of the mother, want to take the land in spite of the fact that they were previously given a 200-hectare parcel.
The perpetrators have been receiving kind treatment since Ramadan 23rd, in a prison in Habra Police Station. They live in a special room at the prison and have large sums of money to bribe some alleged eyewitnesses to testify in their favor and nullify the case.
“The perpetrators have not been transferred to the Attorney General according to the law as they have passed the legal period being in prison,” said the family, in a statement.
The women in the family added they have nobody to appear for them in court, and the perpetrators take advantage of their brother being disabled and their uncle receiving treatment abroad to do what they like.
They want to know how such misconducts are practiced in country pretending to respect human rights and protect women and their children.
The bereaved women appeal the authorities to seriously look into the case, as they fear they will also to be murdered along with their children.