Fawzia Noman: new girls’ sector not against coeducation [Archives:2005/878/Local News]

September 19 2005

SANA'A- Sept. 15- In the first workshop to be organized by the girl's educational Sector, Mrs. Faozia Noman Deputy minister of education, said that their newly formed sector doesn't aim at separating girls from the boys. It is mainly meant for bridging the wide gap in the number of boys and girls being enrolled in schools both in Urban and rural areas.

The workshops aims are realized in its title (Participation in Girls Education is a National Social commitment). It aims at forming a national partnership for girls' education. The workshop sheds light on the necessity of integration of formal authorities' efforts with that of the civic societies. Parent's councils are to be activated to play roles in their schools. The public awareness should be aroused to recognize the necessity of girls' education, by strongly highlighting its contribution to comprehensive development.

It worth mentioning that girls' school attendance rate is only 26%. The total number of girls who don't go to schools in rural areas is 77% according to Ministry of Education's statistics.