FBI Director in Sana’a Yemen Determined to Eradicate Terrorism [Archives:2002/04/Front Page]

January 21 2002

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs Ambassador William Burns confirmed US continuous support for Yemen and working with the government on a wide range of issues, including economic development, democratic and human rights. He said during his short visit to Yemen he discussed with president Saleh the war against terrorism and regional issues including the Middle East peace process. “I discussed the efforts undertaken by Yemeni security forces to eradicate terrorism from Yemen. This is in Yemen’s interest. President Saleh and Yemeni leadership here made clear their determination to achieve tangible results in the fight against international terrorism.” Burns said.
He expressed strong support for the presidents efforts to eradicate terrorism from Yemen. The two sides also discussed ways to expand bilateral cooperation, including increasing training security assistance, economic development and educational exchange programs.
On the other hand, Yemeni official sources said FBI Director; Robert Mueller would visit Yemen this week in a tour taking him to other countries in the region. He is likely to discuss with the Yemeni officials the latest developments in the investigations in the USS Cole incident. His visit will coincide with the return of the FBI investigators into Cole bombing attack. The Yemeni sources said the FBI team would resume with their Yemeni counterparts investigations into the attack. Around six Yemeni suspects are being under interrogation. This time the suspects will be directly reinterrogated by the US investigators, something that the US investigators were denied before the September 11 terrorist attacks.