Feeling a little blue?Get married, be healthy: researchers [Archives:2005/821/Culture]

March 3 2005

By Abu Ayman
For the Yemen Times

Some physicians confirm that a great percentages of diseases such as madness, ulcer and headaches are the result loneliness.

Their studies show that marriage can protect the individual from things like chronic headaches and stomach ulcers. Statistics recently released in Britain confirmed that only 15 per cent of the alveolar cancer victims is experienced among the married people while 85 per cent among the unmarried ones.

Health benefits associated with marriage:

Protection from diseases

Dr. Ahmad Hishaish, an internal diseases consultant, notes, “I am one of those who support the theory that marriage protects the spouse from disease.”

He pointed out that the scientific facts on the health benefits associated with marriage deny some of the rumors that there are many harms associated with marriage.

Dr. Hishaish conducted a study on a sample of hepatitis sufferers (500 patients) and the results released that 50 cases of them are married, i.e., that only 10 percent of the married people suffer from hepatitis.

The actual reason behind that is that negative viruses causing the disease invade the body via having dirty meals, which are not taken by the married people who care a lot to have their meals at home.

Marriage also protects the spouses from stomach ulcers and high blood pressure, and it has been recently released that only 35 per cent of sufferers from stomach ulcer and hypertension are married, and the single people constitute the remaining percentage that is 65 per cent.


Dr. Fikri Abdulaziz, professor of psychiatric diseases at Cairo University, claims that the unmarried have negative effects, the most important of which is feeling alone and gratifying ones lust illicitly. Dr. Fikri emphasizes that marriage protects individuals from turning insane upon the condition that the spouses lead a happy life.

Dr. Adel al-Madani, professor of psychical diseases at Al-Azhar University and expert in the marital affairs comments: “The psychological pressure from which many people suffer due to the lack of a marriage partner is increasingly prevailing the environment of people who are not married.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced that loneliness has the primarily harmful effect on public health and this equals the effects associated with smoking, because loneliness causes madness and mental disorder that may led to suicide.

The bilateral relations

Dr. Ahmad Zayed, professor of sociology at Cairo University, ascertains that harmonious marriage helps protect the pair from mental disorder since the protection from such problems arises from the bilateral relation.

Regardless of the gratification of one's lust, the bilateral relationship that is based on love and mutual respect leads both the spouses to feel more secure. If one of the pair was infected with some psychological pressure, he/ she would receive the other's help to get rid of the suffering.

Celibacy has its own risks

There are many married people who have some psychological problems since they were born but he/she can be helped by the other marriage partner to overcome the problems facing him.

In the same context, Dr. Mahasen Ali, consultant of neuromental diseases at Cairo University clarifies that marriage is an effective medicine for many diseases like chronic headache, as the relationship between both the spouses helps lessen the severe nerves in the body and the secretion of hormones as well.

He adds that marriage protects the human from some mental disorders and establishing a proper relationship with the other partner prevents the infection of hallucination and escapism from reality and makes the individual happier and kinder in treating those around him.

Staying unmarried for a long time makes one a victim of hallucination and feelings of loneliness and the result will be an entire surrender to escapism from reality.

Dr. Ali Shawsha, a specialist in psychical diseases emphasizes the significance of marriage as a medicine for psychological diseases. He says that the human spirit suffers for self-shortcomings as it circulates around itself and an external force becomes a must to take it from its circle. The external force can be reflected in making oneself engaged with his wife and children.

Concerning the Islamic point of view, Dr. Ahmad Omar Salem, Rector of Al-Azhar University, says that religion already solved such issues hundreds years ago through numerous Quranic verses and Hadiths that strongly recommend people to get married as soon as possible.

The Quranic verses and Hadiths discuss the importance of marriage for the individual and the society as well and Islam dealt with all marriage matters starting by the selection of the husband and the wife, the relationship between both, the way of raising children and the divorce-related matters.

Islam gave more priority to marriage-related issues as it recommends the reconciliation between the spouses unless the dispute occurring between them necessitates the end of marital life between the pair.