Feelings Beneath the Crisscross of Lines [Archives:2001/25/Last Page]

June 18 2001

Last week Dia organized an exhibition featuring a number of paintings and drawings by Suleiman Ibrahim Saeed, a Sudanese artist. Most of the works exhibited showed the technique of lines the artist heavily depends on to create a form that expresses a feeling. Having abandoned such a technique since 1976, he again restored it in 2001 where dependence on lines has become very obvious in his works. “I felt that it was a unique technique. I started developing it. Now I feel that it belongs to me or is part of me,” he said. “Art for me is a line, a form and a feeling,” he added. First comes the line, then the idea flows to his mind


Chief among the subjects of Suleiman’s works cover are humanity and man’s relation with the environment. It is easy to feel the impact of the mother land on some of his works like those belonging to the Sudanese Desert and Forest School. Use of a main color and most of its degrees is one of the most outstanding characteristics of the school and is also one of the main features that distinguish Suleiman’s works.
He graduated from the Fine Arts College of Khartoum in 1979. After graduation he taught at the Teachers’ Training Institutes. In the beginning of the 1990s he came to Yemen. Since then he has been teaching at teachers’ training institutes. He has organized 5 group exhibitions in Sudan and 3 in Yemen. This is his first solo-exhibition. His early activities in Yemen started with group exhibitions organized by the Sudanese community in Yemen on national occasions. The first exhibition in Yemen was organized in 1993 at the Cultural Center. It was jointly held by three other Sudanese artists.