Female Consultative Meeting On Rational Use of Water [Archives:2000/34/Local News]

August 21 2000

Under the slogan of : Womens Participation in Rational Use of Water , the General Board of Water Resources (GBWR) organized a consultative meeting to discuss the possibility of finding out joint cooperation within different women circles. The objective was to polarize women and perform their effective roles in different fields aimed at saving water at different places of work and production. Another objective was to create a tangible organization for participation through water-work-team in residential areas to correspond with organizational formations in women complexes in cities and towns.
It is understood that as a short-range objective the meeting discussed coordination between women associations and organizations in rural areas and places of work with the purpose of general awareness among women of importance of saving water. It was also decided to nominate a coordinator between the GBWR and the National Committee for Women (NCW) together with other women groups. For the time being it was preferred to form a central women group in the Capital Secretariat on the basis that its tasks and facilities shall be shaped up later on .
Meanwhile the long-term objectives included reflection of the general feeling within women circles about ways and means of using water and the tangible problems which the society faces owing to paucity of water and deterioration of environment. These circles shall participate in drafting, preparing and circulating the message of awareness and shall be widely spread in different parts of the Republic. Taking into consideration the conditions of woman in the society and her role, it was found that women are able to play effective role within the family.
At the meeting many other subjects relevant to water issue were discussed and a coordination committee was formed. It was decided to fix a date for another meeting in which executive plans for each group shall be submitted.