Female shoppers targeted by women pick-pockets [Archives:2004/773/Local News]

September 16 2004

Recently there has been an increased number of complaints about pick-pocket thieves who target women who go shopping at the major commercial centers such as Suq Arafat, Abu al-Dhahab, and al-Mahyoob. Thefts are carried out by specialized female gangs, in the areas mentioned. Many women and girls have complained that they have lost their hand bags in that area after being momentarily distracted. Many of the victims were carrying their valuables such as jewelry, money and some other personal necessities in their bags. It has been noticed that many of the victims do not report the matter to security but accept the disappointment and frustration for the loss sustained. Therefore, the concerned authorities are required to increase the presence of policewomen in the commercial centers to protect female shoppers from pocket-picking gangs.