Female Trade Unionists in Yemen [Archives:1998/51/Business & Economy]

December 21 1998

The Trade Union of Yemen’s Workers organized a workshop at its headquarters in Sanaa in cooperation with the American Center for International Labor Solidarity on woman’s role in syndicate organizations.
The workshop, carried out during December 7-10, 1998, discussed a number of issues related to protecting the rights of career women. The participants listened to a number of speakers who many relevant issues all dealing with Yemeni women in the labor market. Special emphasis was put on women working in odd hours and night shifts.
The papers further addressed the need for women to participate in organization of syndicates. In order to enhance female participation in syndicate decisions, a committee was formed.
Other papers debated difficulties facing working females at their place of work and at home. The papers showed the double burden of career women.
Anwar Al-Sayyadi,
Yemen Times