Festival by Grandsons of the late Yemeni Poet, Abdullah al-Baradouni [Archives:2004/771/Culture]

September 9 2004

In commemoration of the 5th anniversary of the death of the late Yemeni Poet, Abdullah al-Baradouni, a festival of events by al-Baradouni's grandsons begun last Monday, in the Cultural Center in Sana'a. These events were organized by the Ministry of Culture & Tourism.
The participants in the festive are more than forty poets and critics, most of whose poems and literary experiences were affected by the deceased's poetry. The festival contained three poetic sittings, participated by a collection of young poets. And another four sittings for critics, which addressed the late poet's creations, his personality and life, besides his contribution to and prestige at the national and Arab level, and the prizes that he was awarded by the Arab club.
The events were concluded by a trip carried out by all the participants to al-Baradouni's village, the place where he was born, located in Dhamar town, south of Sana'a.
Al-Baradouni, enriched poetic, literary and artistic grounds with many of his verses and editions. He was artistically innovative and strongly associated with the vertical poetic form. Additionally, he participated in preparing many of the scripted programs, including vast contributions to audio and visual journalism. He is a distinguished Yemeni symbol and made many poetic contributions celebrating the birth of the Yemeni Revolution – 26th September.