Festival held in Mukalla’s Khour to support Beit Hanoun [Archives:2006/1003/Local News]

November 30 2006

MUKALLA, Nov. 28 ) The Mukalla branch of the Islamic Charitable Society to defend Al-Quds held a festival last Thursday in solidarity with the distressed residents of Beit Hanoun in the Gaza Strip. The society also launched a $1 million campaign.

Festivities included reciting Qur'anic verses and Islamic songs. In a speech, society chairman Ahmed Bazuhair expressed his thanks to all who support the warriors in Palestine who are defending their rights and fighting a well-equipped army. Video snapshots later were shown on a screen, highlighting the distress and plight of Palestinians.

For his part, Salim Saleh Abdulhaq from the local authority explained, “The unity of our religion calls for sympathy and support, so this caused us to establish the society, which is responsible for sending donations to Palestinians.” He further announced that the local authority was donating YR 250,000 for Palestinians.

In his speech, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Mu'alem declared, “If we're unable to sacrifice our souls for Islam, we must fight with money, so I call upon all people to donate as much as they can.”

The festival concluded with a scene depicting the plight of Palestinians and denouncing Arab indifference.