Fiasco [Archives:2006/1005/Community]

December 7 2006

By: Fuad Noman
[email protected]

Salute, Commando

Commando, last to strike million times

Vanish their hollow dikes

Our foe can't have a guide

Do not let them hide

Let them lose their minds

I would like to tell you

Do not be scared

Just concentrate on your aim

Nothing can pass free

Without its return

In holy land

Foes always pay their mistake's fee

They can bide their time to flee

Spurn their silly tender

Do not let your garden of splendor

Be opened for the games of monkey

Dummy principles of Yankee

Just Hanky-panky

The White mentality

still being dirty

Your zeal must overflow

Resist until the last drop of blood

Nothing can be run out

Our hot blood we can add

Don't stop

You will open the gate of hope

Their power is being chopped

They will be hanged by Allah's rope

We are in the same fight

Upcoming Fiasco at its peak

Their dreams gonna fade and leak

Time will tell

And our land will speak

No holy place for tricks