Fifth Horsemanship Championship [Archives:2003/09/Local News]

February 3 2003

The General Union for Horsemanship held the Fifth Championship for Horsemanship on Feb. 24.
Held in the Horsemanship Club jumping locations, dozens of horsemen took part.
Joiner horsemen who had surpassed the jumping locations without mistakes totaled just five.
Mohammed Abdu al-Kader al-Mutwakel, with his distinguishably and high-delicacy, took the title of joiner championship for the second time successively.
The initiative participation of Zabeed horsemen was a wonderful step to be praised as Zabeed City would be the headquarters for Horsemanship City. The president gave his order for it to be established there.
Hassan Lutf al-Rasas, a horseman in military academy, won the senior championship, committing just four mistakes.
The General Union for Horsemanship honored the winners and the Zabeed City horsemen.