Fifth intl’ conference on Yemeni civilization [Archives:2004/769/Local News]

September 2 2004

The fifth international conference on the civilization of Yemen commenced in Sana'a on August 30th. The conference titled “Sana'a ivilization and history,” is hosted by Sana'a University.
The 3-day conference was attended by 200 scientists, academics and international figures, representing 28 countries, 24 embassies, and 15 scientific establishments. The conference accommodates 42 international figures from 10 European and American countries, and 4 from Islamic countries.
The participants discussed 97 papers submitted to the conference on Yemen's history, civilization, and culture. They also discussed during the 22 sessions (split into 6 themes) modern and ancient civilizations of Yemen as recorded by stone engravings.
The studies, which were translated into three languages, tackled local architecture in Sana'a, (which stands as a symbol of human civilization), and the architectural features of Lahj. There were also studies on Hadhramout and Mareb.
An architectural show was opened on the sidelines of the conference, which featured urban planning and architecture in different Islamic eras. The show was organized by a number of professors at Sana'a University.