Fifty people killed in latest torrential rains Torrents flood three houses in Haddah, Sana’a [Archives:2005/871/Front Page]

August 25 2005

Hassan Al-Zaidi
SANAA,- Torrents resulting from heavy rainfall in the last few days had caused the break down of a water barrier built on the side of the mountain overlooking Haddah area. Speedy down pouring waters flooded three residential houses in Faj Attan residential area on Haddah Street.

Eyewitnesses told Yemen Times they saw large amounts of water flowing down the mountainside after the collapse of a water barrier on the mountain. Due to their abundance and speed of down flowing waters ran off the course regulating their flow, rushing speedily towards houses in the area, flooded, and caused damage to three of them, including the house of the reporter who has written this news story. The surprise rushing of waters caused panic among those families that had to move to other areas.

Contacts were made with the city municipality for offering help to families of those damaged houses but there was no response by the civil defense authorities. Those houses are situated near the residence of the eldest son of President Ali Abdullah Saleh and presidential guard members stationed at the top of the mountain prevented some citizens carrying tools to block the source of flowing waters.

Residents of damaged houses have appealed to the president to give orders to concerned authorities to drain waters threatening their lives and repair streets nearby their houses.

Sources report that toll of victims because of torrential rains downpour last Thursday and Friday reached at fifty dead people especially caused by traffic accidents and cars sliding off the main roads.