Fight Against Polio Goes On [Archives:1997/43/Local News]

October 27 1997

The the first round of the second stage of the National Days to Eradicate Polio has started on Sunday, October 26 in all governorates. It is hoped that polio will completely disappear from Yemen by the year 2000.   President Ali Abdullah Saleh, in his meeting with the Minister of Health and representatives of the UNICEF and WHO, commended the positive results of the first stage of immunization which was conducted late last year. The President also called on all parents to cooperate with the health authorities in order to protect their offspring against the six deadly childhood diseases.   Several training courses were held in various governorates to educate health workers in vaccination procedures. The 3-day immunization campaign is targeting a total of 3,456,482 children..

Week of the Blind
More than 45,000 blind people in Yemen suffering in silence was disclosed during the activities of the 6th Week of the Blind which began October 19th in Sanaa. Several donations were pledged by the government to help the blind during the coming year. A 3-phase project to integrate blind young people into the education system was also proposed by the government.