Fighting illiteracy in Hadramout [Archives:2003/628/Community]

March 24 2003

By Saleh al-Basha
Yemen Times Staff

Preparations are underway to establish a new public institution in Hadramout City to help eradicate illiteracy.
Mohammed Abdualkader Bamatraf, the head of committee that is launching the new institution, said that his society aims at supporting government literacy programs, encourages drop-outs by giving them some privileges to continue their education, and supports women to get educated and trained professionally.
Bamatraf pointed out that international and local organizations, societies, development funds and businessmen are the only supporters of the new program.
The number of uneducated people in Yemen are still high despite courses that are available. Students drop out from schools, especially females, because of the hard living circumstances that force most families to give priority to males.