Fighting leprosy for than 20 yearsDr. Al-Qubati awarded [Archives:2003/665/Local News]

September 4 2003

Taiz, 2 September – The executive board of Dr. Ali Tawfiq Shosha institution decided in its 49th round to award its 2003 prize to Dr. Yasin Abdualeem Al-Qubati, a well-known medical doctor and Director of the National Leprosy Control Program, as an appreciation for his efforts and efficient participation in fighting leprosy in Yemen. He has devoted his life to taking care of leprosy patients through his leprosy control program and other similar initiatives.
Dr. al-Qubati has spent years seeking for local and international support to fight leprosy and help infected patients. Eventually his efforts were crowned in establishing the National Leprosy Control Program. This program has obviously succeeded in raising health awareness, and in rehabilitating leprosy patients.
He has also convinced businessmen to finance projects implemented by his non-profit Yemeni association of eradicating leprosy.
Dr. al-Qubati's activities are not restricted to leprosy however, but surpassed to fighting other diseases as well. His contributions include his genuine role in establishing Taiz University's Medical College in 1999.