Fighting Malaria in YemenNeeds help! [Archives:2003/662/Health]

August 25 2003

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
Malaria is considered one of the main health problems in Yemen. Yemen has been classified into tropical-Africa group in which the most dangerous malaria settles. This kind of malaria causes about million and half cases and about 15 thousands annually die.
The government preparation to fight malaria is represented in the national program for fighting malaria that has implemented many projects in this field.
Yemen is classified into the tropical -African group such as Somalia, Sudan and Djibouti due to the similar kinds of malaria spread in these countries.
The annually recorded cases of malaria in Yemen are about million and half and 1% of these cases die and this is a hazardous indicator in Yemen.
According to results of studies, malaria in Yemen spreads in all governorates and varies from governorate to another.
The national program for fighting malaria has adopted a second five-year plan of 2001-2005 in which it aims to reduce the death cases caused by malaria and its complications.
The plan that is being drawn up in cooperation with the WHO, has attempted to find perfect different means for fighting malaria that are economical and effective, as well as safe. The most important and common means used over the world are chemicals due to their rapid results through short term as well as effectiveness.
Eradicating malaria from Socotra Island is one of objectives of the national program for fighting malaria to be achieved by 2005.
The plan of eradicating malaria from the island has been initiated since September 2000 and has made laudable strides.
The Yemeni government has exerted great efforts to facilitate the procedures related to malaria fighting as well as paid attention to such importance topic by the local councils.
WHO is considered one of the organizations that supports Yemen technically and financially to fight this disease and it has adopted several programs to assist Yemen via supporting the malaria-related studies and researches and makes this issue among its priorities.
The neighboring countries such as Oman and Saudi Arabia also have been playing a role in giving different types of support to fight malaria in Yemen.