Fighting povertyGovernment, workers and chambers need to partner [Archives:2004/706/Business & Economy]

January 26 2004

The General Federation of Trade Unions (GFTU) in Yemen has called on the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to review articles of the general agreement on services trade for supporting the public sector, along with respect of people travel and essential criteria of work and national legislature pertaining to work and respect of migrating workforce against all forms of discrimination.
The federation has confirmed, in the symposium it has organized in Sana'a with the International Federation of Free Trade Unions (IFFTU), the importance of joining all international efforts for ending poverty and activation of international agreements.
Chairman of the GFTU OF Yemen Yahya al-Kuhlani said the current situation of trade unions in Yemen was that they were facing difficulties in activating the role of the federation in the alleviation of poverty. He stressed the importance of fighting unemployment as well as involving trade unions in drawing up various economic plans.
Working papers presented at the symposium, tackling the discussion of the role of trade unions in fighting poverty, considered the woman as representing an element and a component of the trade union work, that she has to practice her natural right in active participation in the process of development.
Representative of the IFFTU Muhsin al-Shaibani said there's a necessity for involving the Yemeni GFTU in all initiatives, and the government takes on ways of development as it is an active partner and considered one of the prominent components of the society.
But Social Affairs and Labour Undersecretary Mohammed Ali Ba Muslim has stressed the necessity of alliances between the government, the workers and the chambers of commerce for fighting poverty, emphasizing that elimination of illiteracy, backwardness and discrimination between men and women would help move out of the circle of poverty.
The symposium concluded by stressing the importance of effecting advance to the system of social guarantee and insurance on the employees in order to eliminate poverty and its causes.