Film on British colonization in Yemen [Archives:2005/873/Local News]

September 1 2005

Two Egyptian artists are currently on a visit to Yemen. Ali Badr Khan, film director, and Mahmoud Hamidah, film star, have arrived in Sana'a recently upon an invitation extended by the Ministry of Culture.

They had told the press they are planning to film a movie on the British colonization in the southern part of Yemen, addressing mainly the period between 1964-1965, which saw fierce resistance operations that paved the way for the 1967 British Evacuation. The film would display how arms were transported from the North to the South by Yemeni resistance elements across borders despite tight security. It would feature the difficulties encountered by the resistance fighters.

The film is expected to be discussed jointly with the Ministry of Culture's officials before production commences.

The guests has joined local cultural functions and made a tour of some historic places in the province of Sana'a such as Dar al-Hajar. They were expected to visit the province of Aden and areas where the real events in concern took place. They intend to meet and talk to living revolutionaries to know more about the past situation. Most of the film actors would be Yemeni.