Final outlines for tackling child labor [Archives:2005/863/Business & Economy]

July 28 2005

Five local and international organizations intend to set the final outlines of several projects for fighting child labor in Yemen and holding a discussion with decision-makers on the possible solutions.

Ms Muna Ali Salim, Manager of Child Labor Unit at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor mentioned that her ministry, in coordination with the International Labor Organization (ILO), International Program for Fighting Child Labor, Central Organization for Statistics, and the National Program for Labor Market Information, will involve a number of Yemeni decision-makers from different parties to verify the findings of a study on child labor.

The study has been conducted for 6 months in 8 Yemeni governorates with the aim of acquainting with the features of each with respect to child labor, its density and the nature of measures required for tackling the issue.

Ms. Salim indicated the concerned government bodies will offer projects and discuss them with decision-makers according to the operating database. In case these projects are approved, they will be presented to the Cabinet to be endorsed and then forwarded to the donors who fund such projects and implement them in the framework of a specified strategy.

She said the projects of fighting child labor differ in their styles from one governorate to another due to the diversity of activities. Some Yemeni governorates are perceived to send child laborers while others receive them, she confirmed, adding that Hajjah tops the list of the Yemeni governorates in the sense of receiving child laborers whereas al-Mahweet is pondered upon as the largest exporter of child laborers due to its weak economic activities.