Final touches for elections [Archives:2003/09/Local News]

February 3 2003

Mr. Abduh Mohammed al-Janadi, head of the information division of the Supreme Committee for Election and Referendum (SCER) confirmed that the final stages in the technical and executive arrangements for the upcoming parliamentary elections, to be held on April 27, have been completed.
According to al-Janadi, the committee has fully completed all technical procedures needed for various election-related issues including those related to voting, vote counting, ballot boxes, red wax and light devices, etc. He also made clear that the final electoral lists are ready.
“Those lists are a complete database of voter names, photos, documents, electoral symbols as well as electoral cards.” he said
Al-Janadi believes that the advanced technical means applied in preparing for this election will make the coming period a transition towards a more democratic experience with far more efficient elections.
He further indicated that the SCER has already started setting up field committees, which will be entrusted with administrating casting votes, delivering of boxes, and registering voters.
He further emphasized the firmness of the SCER in not going into previously settled issues, and in trying to avoid all obstacles that may hinder the electoral process.
An awareness campaign is to be associated with the pre-elections period starting in the month of March, hoping that they could lead to fruitful results in urging citizens to practice their constitutional rights.