Final Verdict against UK Embassy Attackers on October, 16 [Archives:2001/40/Local News]

October 1 2001

The appeals penal court of Sana’a will pass its final verdict against the UK embassy bombing perpetrators on Tuesday, October 16. The court held its final session last Tuesday. Judge Saeed Al-Qata’a listened to the defense of the lawyers of the third defendant, Salam Salem Abu-Jahel, as well as the fourth defendant Faris Saleh Taher.
Attorney Abdulraqeeb Al-Sharjab stressed that his client Salam Abu-Jaged is innocent, criticizing the verdict as being invalid. He said that the rights of his client to defend himself have been violated by the prosecution. He requested the judge acquit his client, as he was not involved in the crime at all. He said that the court wants to turn his client into a criminal by issuing a verdict against him, holding him accountable for something he didn’t do. The judge also read the defense presented by the attorney of the fourth suspect, Faris Taher. He stressed that the defendant had had no hand at all in the attack and that he came from Aden to Sana’a just to visit his mother, who is married to the first defendant, Abubaker Jayol.
The second defendant denied all his confessions of involvement in the attack along with Jayol. He said he is a victim of the former interior minister Hussein Arab, the prosecutor. He said his agreement with Arab was to act as a witness and put Jayol in a fix. On his part, Jayol requested the judge reconsider the verdict. He said the verdict doesn’t agree with the Islamic Sharia’a, adding, “We want only the Sharia’a of Prophet Mohammed.
Then the judge decided to finalize the appeal hearings and pass the criminals.” The penal primary court passed its verdict against the four defendants July 23, 2001. They were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment, ranging from 4-15 years. They are also to pay compensation to the embassy building as well as the damaged houses in the area. The first and second defendants admitted the responsibility of bombing the embassy building with TNT in a protest against the Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians.