Finance Minister apologizes for government accounting delay [Archives:2006/1002/Front Page]

November 27 2006

SANA'A, Nov. 25 ) Parliament held a session last Wednesday to discuss the delay in the state budget's final statements, emphasizing the importance of making the Finance Ministry and the Central Organization for Control and Auditing (COCA) submit their reports on the state budget's final accounting to Parliament in due time and according to law.

Addressing the members of Parliament, Minister of Finance Saif Al-Asali declared his ministry's intention to meet the deadline and not delay the final statements, promising to avoid such a shortcoming in the future.

He also declared that dealing honestly and objectively is an important condition for success in any work, particularly when that work relates to Parliament and the government. According to Al-Asali, such work is necessary to ensure trust between both sides because a low estimation of any party neither favors that party nor the nation.

Additionally, Al-Asali apologized to MPs for the final accounting's delay, noting that it occurred for reasons outside of his ministry's control. According to him, the principal reason for the delay is partially due to delay by other parties, who failed to provide their accounting at the due time, in addition to adopting a new technique to prepare the accounting.

Both Al-Asali and the chairman of COCA attended last Wednesday's session by parliamentary request to explain the reason for the final statements' delay.