(Financial) Commercial attache praises Qat sessions democracy [Archives:2005/897/Local News]

November 24 2005

TAIZ- Nov. 19 – Participants in a symposium held in the Shamsan Hotel in Taiz on Wed.Nov. 16 praised democracy.

Human Rights Information and Training Center (HRITC) was the organizer of this symposium. Mr. Joy Hood, the financial attache in Sana'a participated in that symposium, together with David Crocks and Mrs. Lora Abrahams. They all spoke of their admiration of the Yemeni democratic spirit, especially in Qat sessions.

The symposium was also attended by representatives of civil society organizations, syndicates, political and media persons. They raised a number of issues on the democratic dialogue issues, and the method of promoting the democratic program. The participants criticized the American policy in the Middle East and their practice of double standard measures, especially in Iraq and Palestine.