Financial Violations at the14 October Establishment [Archives:2000/28/Local News]

July 10 2000

The COCA has recently reported in concrete numbers some financial violations in the 14th October establishment. It showed that YR 80,970,270 was spent as bonus for the fiscal year of 1998, 4,500,000 for the chairman and the Vice chairman and 80,000 for the deputy of managing editor and the financial manager per month.
The report also pointed out the establishment’s negligence in responding to the reports of the COCA and auditors.
The 14th of October establishment has turned into a breeding grounds for administrative and financial corruption due to continuous conflict among people in its administration.
Honoring Ceremony for Al-Kutubi
Wednesday 5.7.2000 in a closed hall at Aden, a ceremony was organized in honor of Mr. Ahmad Mohammed Al-Kutubi, the eminent Olympic personality as he won the highest medal of the International Olympic Committee. The ceremony was organized by the executive office in Aden and attended by Ahmad Sufan, Planning Minister and Taha Ahmad Ghanem, governor of Aden and Mansoor Abduljalil, governor of Lahj.
The ceremony was initiated by the inauguration of a photo exhibition that recounted the history of sports while Ahmad Mohammed Al-Kutubi was responsible for sports activities at the time. A book was also published titled “Olympic Al-Kutubi”.
In the ceremony, Taha Ahmad Ghanem, governor of Aden, delivered a speech in which he congratulated Mr. Ahmad on winning the medal. Mr. Ahmad Mohammed Al-Kutubi had occupied different posts in the government, the last of which was the post of a Member of Parliament and chairman of the Working Forces Committee in 1997. Mr. Al-Kutubi had also won some other medals such Liberation War Medal in 1982, the Golden Medal of the Sports Highest Council in 1983, the Independence Medal in 1990, the 30th of November Medal of the three degree, and the International Committee Medal in 1998.