Fire destroys Al-Falah Private School [Archives:2006/987/Local News]

October 5 2006

ADEN, Oct. 3 ) A huge fire broke out in Al-Falah Private School in Khour Maksar, Aden Governorate, destroying the three-story school. The fire brigades, which belong to Yemen Oil Company, Aden Refineries and Civil Defense, mobilized to the scene of the incident and extinguished the fire.

“The fire incident, which is the second of the kind within a week time, was caused by an electrical fault in the old buildings, which are made of wood. These buildings, which are mostly made of wood help fire incidents to break out easily,” said Colonel Abdullah Qairan, Chief of Aden Security Department in a statement to Yemen Times.

“Yesterday, we lost the victim 11 in a fire incident, which broke out in Al-Khassaf Building and this incident shocked us all. Today, we managed to extinguish the fire as the fire brigades arrived at the scene of the incident early and rescued all the schoolchildren from fire,” added Qairan.

The three-story building was wholly destroyed since it is made of wood and its electrical wires are outdated, according to Qairan. He called on locals to be on high alert of such incidents and rehabilitate their old houses.

Eyewitnesses said the fire broke out suddenly in the front part of the school and they started smelling the smoke at 12 a.m. The said firemen managed to putt off the fire within two hours without any injuries.

The loss of property caused by the incident was estimated at more than YR 3 million.