First benevolent medical camp now going in Sada [Archives:2002/10/Health]

March 4 2002

By Saad Sharif Taher
Yemen Times Staff
General hospitals and medical centers in remote rural areas provide poor or inferior medical services compared with hospitals in big cities; therefore, sick people rarely get full care.
So its a welcome move that Dr Abdulnasser al-Minibari, the Health minister has proposed what is called The Benevolent Medical Camp to offer better medical services to such people. This includes major surgical operations and free medicine.
Orders were given to al-Thawra hospital in Sanaa to organize staff of different specialized doctors toward this end.
The idea was used in Abyan last October and now another group has been serving in Martyr Ali Abdul-Mughni hospital in Saddah, since earlier this month.
Dr. Mohammed Saleh Abdul-Mughni, director of the hospital said: We prepared a sterilized hall for operations and up to February 9, 69 major surgeries have been performed. In addition to operations, large quantities of medicine are also being offered freely. If there were another anaesthetic set, two operations could be done at the same time.
Q: What did the visit paid by H.E. Minister of health signify?
A: We were highly honored by his visit on 4th Feb, 2002 because as far as I feel it had a pleasant echo in the region and to our personnel in particular.
He promised to look into all our needs of equipment, medicines and adding extra doctors.
Q: What are your future projects?
A:We are working to establish nursing schools with boarding houses to both male and females students, we are also trying to expand our room to 20 beds, in addition to offering additional staff and new machines.
Q: Whats your last word?
A: We are very grateful to the minister and we highly appreciate his generous visit and our thanks to Dr.Mohammed Fadhil, general director of financial affairs and supplies for providing us with much X-ray films.