First center for training & care of orphans,YR 1 billion to finance orphans centers & care [Archives:2003/671/Business & Economy]

September 25 2003

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
President Ali Abdullah Saleh has given his orders for allotting one billion Yemeni rials from the state general budget to finance the first center of its kind in Yemen that has been established for training and rehabilitation of orphans bearing the name ” The President Center for Training & Rehabilitation of Orphans” in the capital secretariat Sana'a. The president's directives have also included instructions for building similar centers in other governments. In the inaugural ceremony of the first center for orphans, the Yemeni president praised charitable societies from the United Arab Emirates and kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the assistance they have offered to orphans in Yemen. The president center for orphans aims at rehabilitation of this social segment in professional and technological field. It also aims to facilitate for them acquiring various skills and developing their capabilities in certain specialties in line with the society's requirements, as a prelude to engage them in labor market. Admission system to the center for orphans has specified it from the 9th grade at the basic education stage. This is deemed as the first attention by the government of its kind to care for orphans, beside activities and efforts of the social Care House and private sector charitable societies. These Yemeni efforts come as part of the state policy for alleviation of orphans sufferings, especially those belonging to poor segment. The private sector contributes to these efforts by funding charitable projects for orphans and guarantee for their life. Private sector supplies school satchels, and clothes on Eids occasions in addition to offering money as assistance to orphans. This is part of religious teachings on social solidarity. Such assistance aims at guaranteeing taking of orphans including the care offered by the state, non-governmental organizations and charitable societies that fear from influence of extremist current on orphans future and their social and political orientations. The private sector works for helping orphans to demonstrate its humanitarian role in the Yemeni society that suffers from poverty and low rates of income & job opportunities. Among aid rendered for orphans, a number of Gulf charitable institutions and societies provide financial gifts and school supplies for orphans. The Saudi “Mecca” establishment has embarked on a project for rendering care for 500 Yemeni orphans in the academic year 2003-2004. Mecca establishment undertakes help for 1300 orphans in Yemen with monthly financial aid. This displays the extent of ties between both Yemeni and Saudi peoples and contribution in the effort aimed at alleviation of poverty, as considered means for support for development. A number of charitable societies in the UAE also offer assistance to orphans and the poor in Yemen. This helps overcome some difficulties and problems suffered form by sons of Yemeni needy families and safeguard them against extremist ideas.