First Death Anniversary Of Al-Baradouni Observed Thursday [Archives:2000/35/Culture]

August 28 2000

Jalal Al-Shraabi
Yemen Times
Next Thursday will mark the first death anniversary of one of the most eminent poets in the Arab world. Almost a year has elapsed since the departure of the Yemeni great poet, Al-Baradouni, in which his heritage has been totally ignored.
The last collection of poems by Al-Baradouni, Ben Zaid, The Sage, was published in 1995. It critically depicted the period between 1990-1994, the political assassinations during this period and the civil war which expressed the collapse of the civilized project in Yemen.
One wonders about the fate of the great literary heritage he left. Some collections were under publication when he passed away. However, none has come to light. A source form the Yemeni Authors Union complained about lack of cooperation on part of Al-Baradouni family owing to some domestic disputes. Since Al-Baradounis death, some domestic problems appeared within his family which have not been settled.
Following the departure of a Al-Baradouni, an ad hoc committee, comprising a number of intellectuals was formed to organize the first commemoration ceremony on his death. Recommendations of the committee have gone with the wind.
It is rumored that a number of influential officials are behind the loss of Al-Baradounis literary legacy. Al-Baradouni has to his own credit more than 15 books, all of which have disappeared from bookshops. There have been no initiatives to re-publish his collections and studies.
He was very critical of the government and the state. Two weeks before his death he described the state as lacking of enlightenment vision. It does not possess a cultural project to enlighten the society, he commented.
Al-Baradouni won several prizes, last of which was the Babteen Prize which enabled him to buy a small house for him and his wife.
During his poetic career, he demonstrated a unique ability of reflecting events and features of old and modern Yemen in sweet and excellent verse that has created a lot of debates. His fearless stands, specially those related to the border issue cost him a lot until he death of a malignant disease