First directory on NGOs in Yemen [Archives:2004/708/Local News]

February 2 2004

The Human Rights Information and Training Center HRITC organised in Sana'a on 28 January special symposium on directory of non- governmental organisations NGOs in the field of human rights, in cooperation with the American cultural attache office.
The symposium had reviewed the first directory issued on NGOs in Yemen which the HRITC had during a full year gathered and prepared data of the directory through a field research team that visited twenty governorates and through a questionnaire form gathered information on the NGOs working in Yemen.
When the field work was finished it was followed with administrative follow-up and re-arrangement of statements which produced the present directory that contains information on 236 organizations among them 20 political parties. In addition to that there is an annex of the international and foreign organisations working in Yemen. The directory also contains basic information on each organisation, such as the name, address and goals and activities that it undertakes. The work is aimed to offer the reader a full service for knowing the organisations and communicate with them. The symposium also announced the issuance of the first edition of the directory in an electronic form.
It is worth to mention that this directory is part of the information program the HRITC is offering in service of knowledge about the non-governmental organisations in Yemen.