First exhibit of charitable and handcraft association products in Taiz [Archives:2006/1008/Culture]

December 18 2006

The first exhibit of charitable and handcraft association products launched Dec. 10 in Taiz and continued until Dec. 20 under the auspices of the Hayel Sa'eed Anam group of companies, the Yemeni-German Cooperation program and the German Organization for Development.

Following the opening celebration, a lecture focused on the history of handcrafts and their links with folklore heritage, as well as the role charitable and handcraft associations should take in society. Afterward, there was a discussion about the obstacles and difficulties such associations face, as well as their future expectations they intend to achieve.

The Al-Sa'eed Foundation for Science and Culture exhibit aimed to highlight the training and handcraft associations' various activities, as well as market all of their products at once instead of each association holding separate exhibits in order to encourage more citizens to take training courses and become qualified in such associations, in addition to creating a spirit of competition among the associations so they'll compete toward excelling and making a difference in society.

Moreover, such associations can be a source for particular products if they work on what society really needs. The exhibit also presented traditional works that help preserve folklore heritage.